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Return of the Jedi

Last article we discussed the similarity between the banking industry and the government’s two fold strike with the Empire’s strike against the Rebel Alliance. In both situations they thought they had won. They thought they had successfully did away with... Read More

The Empire Strikes Back!

We left off last article with the discovery of a new hope. A financial equivalent of Luke Skywalker! A strategy, that if used properly, could be used as a way to purchase cars, homes, college (without it being held against... Read More

A New Hope

Almost everyone has seen the original 3 Star Wars. The films that turned the series into classics! We watched as the “Rebel Alliance” overcame the empire, all starting with the discovery of a new hope…Luke Skywalker. It seems that today,... Read More

Let It Roll!

We work our entire lives, many times spending well over 40 hours a week. Missing time with family and friends with the hopes that one day, when you’re older you will retire. You will no longer have to worry about... Read More

Sing! Don’t Run in the Rain…

We’ve all been there, sitting in our car waiting, praying for the rain to stop just long enough to get inside. Eventually we get tired of the long wait and decide to make a run for it. We gather up... Read More

Overwhelmed by Finances?

It’s Saturday morning; you sit down at your home desk or table and begin looking at everything you have to do for the upcoming week or month. You have to work, clean, do some yard work. Don’t forget the lovely... Read More

Crystal Clear Investing

What if a stranger asked you to invest with them? Would you give them thousands or even hundreds of dollars? What if a friend told you about an investment opportunity? Would you base your retirement off of their word? Lastly,... Read More

The Truth About Purchasing Power

“Back in my day, gas cost a quarter a gallon!” How many times have we all heard this? Whether it is an uncle or grandparent, we have all been told about the good old days when candy was a penny,... Read More