A New Hope

Almost everyone has seen the original 3 Star Wars. The films that turned the series into classics! We watched as the “Rebel Alliance” overcame the empire, all starting with the discovery of a new hope…Luke Skywalker.

It seems that today, in finances, many of us are in search of a new hope, our very own Luke Skywalker if you will. Searching for a product, a tool, a strategy that will restore our faith in our finances, letting us rest a bit easier at night. Letting the question, “Will my money run out in retirement?” finally be answered.

For so long many of us have been putting our hope in qualified plans. Hoping that the average growth is enough to last, unfortunately, putting all our faith in a 401k or IRA is a lot like hoping Luke can hit that exhaust shaft. Sure, he was able to do it, much like some are able to rely solely on their qualified plans. But don’t forget the failed attempts before Luke! (Or the fact that he had the force!)

Thankfully, strategies exist that don’t rely on 1 in a million odds or the use of the force. Thankfully, there are time-tested strategies available to you!