Overwhelmed by Finances?

It’s Saturday morning; you sit down at your home desk or table and begin looking at everything you have to do for the upcoming week or month. You have to work, clean, do some yard work. Don’t forget the lovely time that you need to spend making sure all your bills are paid! As you start writing your list, it begins to get longer and longer until you eventually stand up and decide you need a break. You go sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and figure you’ll continue working on your list after the show. Finances can feel the same way!


Many times when approaching finances we begin to get bogged down by the different investing or savings options. How much to invest, how much to save, what to invest in, or where you should put your savings. You crunch the numbers and agonize over the different options until you get annoyed and frustrated set it down and go back to the comfort of your couch.


Although the realm of finance is intricate and has many variables, you’d be surprised how helpful taking it one step at a time can be! A budget is a great starting point. Budgets can be simple. Taking into account what different expenses you have going out and what income you have coming in and slowly putting excess away can make your finances just a little less overwhelming and start you on the road to financial freedom!