Return of the Jedi

Last article we discussed the similarity between the banking industry and the government’s two fold strike with the Empire’s strike against the Rebel Alliance. In both situations they thought they had won. They thought they had successfully did away with the opposition. They both thought wrong!

In the last film of the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker returns as a Jedi Knight, to rescue Han and help the Rebel Alliance officially defeat the Empire. Much like the different groups of financial advisors who have found a way to continue using this strategy despite the restrictions placed by the government. Similar to the Alliance’s plan of landing on the forest moon of Endor to dismantle the Death Star’s shield; they have found a way to fly beneath the government’s radar allowing the client as many benefits as they can.

So what is this New Hope? This Luke Skywalker of your financial portfolio? What could possibly be so powerful that the banking industry and government have tried to destroy it? What offers so many benefits it could buy cars, homes, pay for college (yet still allow you or your children to possibly qualify for FASFA) and still be used again as a retirement plan? Does it really exist?
Yes! This New Hope isn’t a product though it is a strategy, a strategy that many have used, intertwining the benefits of uninterrupted compounding interest (a competitive interest rate at that!), collateral capacity to minimize your opportunity cost, and finally letting you maintain liquidity, use and control of your resources!

This is the Strategy for Savings!

I truly hope you enjoyed this 3 part series and I have peaked your interest enough for you to give us a call at 518-433-7181 for a free initial consultation or to sign up for the upcoming Strategy for Savings seminar. Allowing us to go more in depth, and discover just how YOU can put this strategy to use!

But until then, may the force be with you!