The 1 Thing You Wish You had Known About Retirement

Have you ever been driving down the road while it’s raining and all your attention is focused on staying between the lines? In your intent to see clearly, you over focus and miss the stop sign, drive right through the intersection and end up with red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Soon enough, a policeman is tapping on your window questioning your reasoning on the choices you made. Sometimes this can happen on the road to preparing for retirement.

When preparing for your retirement you may find yourself so focused on one area that you miss the warning signs and end up trying to explain the choices you made. At Crystal Clear Finances, we want you to stay on the road to retirement but we want to provide clarity so you can focus on all the steps needed to create wealth.

Retirement planning includes more than just staying between the lines of investing and saving. It must include the ability to understand how money works and to accurately identify wealth transfers that often happen unknowingly and unnecessarily.

What are wealth transfers? Wealth transfer are linked to Opportunity Costs and happen every time your resources are spent or given to someone else. Think of it this way: inside every dollar you own there are potential seeds of wealth that that dollar can earn and grow. When we take the potential of those dollars and we give them to others, we have transferred a portion of our wealth away. While it may be impossible to eliminate all wealth transfers, we can learn how to reduce them and to strategically reallocate those funds towards more effective retirement planning. It is not just about picking the winners in investments but also eliminating the losses that are happening unknowingly and unnecessarily.

The team at Crystal Clear Finances is dedicated to providing clarity so that you can create wealth. This clarity can help you discover and minimize wealth transfers, which positions you to maximize your future retirement while allowing you to enjoy the life today!