Sing! Don’t Run in the Rain…

We’ve all been there, sitting in our car waiting, praying for the rain to stop just long enough to get inside. Eventually we get tired of the long wait and decide to make a run for it. We gather up all our items, running as fast as we can from door to door. Suddenly, that guy or girl that always has an umbrella, even when it’s sunny, doesn’t seem so crazy.

Many of us approach the market the same way. When the market is doing well and the sun is shining, we take our time. When the market takes a dip, we panic grabbing everything and run for perceived safety.

At Crystal Clear Finances, we’ve taken a different approach to the market. No we don’t recommend blindly waiting it out, hoping the rain will stop. Instead, we suggest an umbrella! You see much like the weather changing, the market will experience highs and lows. We can have an idea of what will happen but we can’t predict exactly what it will do. So instead of trying to predict it, we create a strategy to help keep you dry.

We buy businesses. We look for strong businesses that people will still use no matter the economy. We base our decisions on proven strategies, and research each company and continue to watch them. Not just the price of the company but their leadership, their product direction, and so much more.

So next time the market is raining, don’t grab everything and try to run, get your umbrella out and start singing!