How Crisis Can Impact How You Think About Finances

May 30, 2020

Show Topic: How Crisis Can Impact The Way You Think About Your Finances

  1. Connection
    • Humans need to connect. Retiring communication and connection allows panic to reduce and clear thinking and functioning to increase
  2. Structure
    • Routines become familiar and dependable. We thrive on structure, a sense of sameness. When the routine is broken we can re-establish by setting realistic goals and small victories
  3. Control
    • Crisis removes the sense of control because there are no choices.  Write down the items we can control and take action on
  4. Accomplishment
    • We need areas where we can feel competent. Areas to use our gifting. To feel as if we are adding value
  5. Big Picture
    • In the midst of a crisis, it is hard to see if we will make it through but we can remind ourselves of past experiences and our resiliency to overcome.


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