Pick Your Taxes

April 8, 2022

Todays Financial  Gem – 60 seconds “clarity to help you create wealth”

Did you know The way you invest your money can increase or decrease taxes now and in the future?  Taxable accounts allow you to only pay taxes on the growth – Tax deferred account, like retirement plans at work, can provide tax savings to day but be fully taxable in the future, tax free accounts allow you to pay taxes once and never again, regardless of the growth. Knowing which type of account you are using can increase or decrease the amount of taxes you owe. Learn which tax structure is right for you!

Certified Financial Planner™, author, radio show host, Crystal Langdon, otherwise known as The Money Mama, has helped thousands to bring financial clarity into their lives. Crystal teaches the “7 Foundational Components of Creating Wealth” to audiences across America. Crystal’s experience and easy to follow practical advice has helped many to take action and create wealth, peace of mind, and a secure future for their loved ones.

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