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Timeless Truths For Investing

If businesses help shape our communities and our culture, who is responsible for shaping and empowering the businesses? Investors are! Your dollars help creates profit for companies that can use these resources to leverage company beliefs and agendas. The question... Read More

Establishing Your Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is not achieved by simply making more money, instead, it is about positioning your money properly! Many Americans focus on increasing their income, hoping that with this increase they will achieve financial freedom. Unfortunately, if they do not... Read More

Social Security Workshop

We all know we have to pay into Social Security but when it comes time to start taking from it, many Americans are unsure of what option is right for them… Or how the option they choose will affect their... Read More

Strategies for Savings: A Round Table Discussion

Most people think of a bank when they think of savings, however with banks offering what we call “point nothing” your money could be losing purchasing power every year! This leaves many Americans running to the market looking for growth,... Read More

Crystal Clear Investing

We’ve all seen the ticker symbols as the green and red arrows scroll across the bottom of our TV screens, but what does that mean for your account? As Americans it has become the “norm” to invest in the market... Read More