Take Advantage of Opportunities

July 23, 2022

Listen Today as Crystal takes us along on the journey of all different types of opportunities we can take advantage of when it comes to our money. What do we need to do to position ourselves so our money is being saved or invested in a way that keeps up with inflation? Our most valuable dollars are the dollars you have today! So ask yourself again,  how can we take advantage of opportunities today??

You can have Confidence for every financial decision!

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“This is a hypothetical example provided for illustrative purposes only; it does not represent a real life scenario, and should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular needs of an individuals situation.  This example should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any financial vehicle. The earnings rates and values shown are not guaranteed. Actual earnings rates and values will be greater or less and will likely fluctuate over time. You should not rely on this presentation for any indication of the investment performance of any financial product.  Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy, or product or any non-investment related content, made reference to directly or indirectly in this presentation will be profitable, be suitable for your portfolio or individual situation, or prove successful.  Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are required only if your contract is comprised of “qualified” funds — for example, if it is an IRA. Any RMDs shown in this example were calculated based on the Minimum Distribution Withdrawal Factors prescribed by the IRS, beginning at age 70.5. Please note that under the new SECURE Act, the age at which you have to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement plan has been increased from age 70.5 to 72 (unless you turned age 70.5 in 2019 or earlier).”

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