Social Security Planning

September 1, 2015

Join Crystal Langdon of Crystal Clear Finances as she discusses practical steps that you can take in your finances and in every day life! Listen on Saturday at 10:30 AM and Monday at 1 PM on WDCD 96.7 FM.

On this program Crystal is joined by Ronald DeMatteo, Crystal Clear Finances’ in-house social security specialist. Ron and Crystal discuss the different options available and factors to keep in mind when talking about social security. What your current cash flow needs are, your health and family history, marital status, and any other income that you may be able to receive throughout retirement are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account when you begin to plan. They help provide you with clarity in what they have found to be the 3 most common questions (1. How will inflation effect my money’s purchasing power 2. How much will I need for healthcare? 3. Will I out live my money?), to help you create and keep your wealth!

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