End Of The Year Checklist And Preparing For 2024

December 9, 2023

So, another year ends. Did you stop to think about everything you are grateful for, and how to prepare for 2024? We have some financial tips for you:

  1. Year-end checklist:
    • Required Minimum Distributions: What are they, how are they calculated, who do they apply to, and why they are important?
    • Qualified contributions: The difference between company-sponsored plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
    • Charitable gifting
    • Tax Loss Harvesting
  1. Preparing for 2024:
    • Start planning by reviewing 2023, what worked and what didn’t? Amplify your successes and identify why you may have fallen short in some areas so you can address them.
    • Goal setting: Start thinking of goals you’d like to accomplish in 2024 and why. Understanding the “why” will help provide purpose and conviction, ultimately increasing your probability of success!

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