Stock Market Predictions for 2024

How do you make predictions for 2024 and be confident that they are accurate? You base your predictions upon human nature and emotions! The stock market is full of companies and the numbers associated with them… emotions of the consumers... Read More

Buying Stocks Like a Pro!

The stock market is like the supermarket. You need to understand what you are going into to buy and stay on track with your list! Don’t get sidetracked by what others are buying or the sales flyer promoting what they... Read More

Financial Life Cycles

Market Cycles, Business Cycles, Retirement Cycles… We can learn so much from the patterns of life. This applies to finances too! On today’s program we will finish our two-part series by reviewing the 5 remaining predictions for 2023 and discuss... Read More

Are You Being Sold / 12 Questions To Ask Your Advisor

In the final session of “Are you being Sold/12 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Advisor”, Crystal discusses the importance of an advisor needing a plan for documentation, cybersecurity, and being willing to invest in a quality team. Watch... Read More

Are You Being Sold?

Join Crystal Langdon, CFP®, as she continues Part 3 of “Are you being Sold? 10 Questions to ask when looking for an advisor you can trust!” Today’s topics include understanding the sales process of an advisor and determining if it... Read More

Don’t Get Sold!

Don’t Get Sold! Learn the questions to ask so you can find the advisor who is right for you. Join Crystal Langdon as she presents her three-part “Don’t Get Sold!” series on the Crystal Clear Finances YouTube channel. Watch us... Read More

How Do You Find An Advisor You Can Trust?

According to the US Bureau of Labor January 2023, there are 83 million working families in the US but there are only 300,000 financial advisors in the US ready to advise them!  95,000 advisors are Certified Financial Planner and only... Read More

The Six Phases of Retirement

There are six phases of retirement: The Honeymoon, Rest and Relaxation, Disenchantment, Reorientation, Retirement Routine, and Termination. Which phase are you in? Do you recognize the signs?  Learn more on the Crystal Clear Finances YouTube Channel. Watch us on our YouTube... Read More

The Three Stages Of Retirement

Every transition begins with an ending, even retirement! You have to let go of where you are now to enter the new season ahead of you… Understanding how to navigate the ending of a career, while facing the discomfort of... Read More