The Three Types of Behavior With Money

There are three types of behavior with money: The Spender, the Saver, and the Wealth Creator! Which one are you?  More importantly, which one do you want to be? Tune into the Crystal Clear Finances YouTube Channel on Saturday mornings... Read More

No More Middlemen!

“You need to get to where you are the depositor, the borrower, and the bank. No more middlemen! You and your family need to be the ones who profit from your hard work and the potential growth of every dollar!”... Read More

Do You Know How Family Banking Works?

Family Banking can allow you to keep your money within your family!  Why let others keep your interest or make money on you when you can take steps to create family wealth by learning how Family Banking works? Tune into... Read More

Are Your Loved Ones Ready For Your Legacy?

Transferring resources to our loved ones can be a satisfying expression of love, but is it the best step for them? Are they ready to receive the funds? Will it help or hinder their growth? Learn more on the Crystal... Read More

Have You Done Your Wealth Potential Calculation?

Once you understand your wealth potential, you can begin to plan the amount needed for retirement and the amount you could potentially transfer to those you love. Have you done your Wealth Potential calculation? Learn more on the Crystal Clear... Read More

Are You On The Right Path For Retirement?

By 2030 all baby boomers will be 65 years or older! According to the 2023 Modern Wealth Survey by Charles Schwab, it is estimated they will start transferring 53 Trillion dollars to their heirs! Are you ready? Watch the Crystal Clear... Read More

What is a Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Financial planning should include goal setting, budgeting, reducing risk, building wealth, and understanding how taxes and inflation could impact retirement planning. Learn more on the Crystal Clear Finances YouTube Channel! Watch us on our YouTube channel  Find out more on our... Read More

Top Ten Money Myths, Part Two

You can “Fake it till you make it” is a dangerous Money Myth! Unfortunately, people can spend their working years looking good, but enter retirement in a completely different situation. Don’t let this be you! Learn more about Crystal’s Top... Read More

Top Ten Money Myths, Part One

Over the course of 24 years, Crystal Langdon, CFP® has helped individuals identify money myths that have kept them from experiencing confidence in making financial decisions. Listen in as Crystal tackles the Top Ten Money Myths and provides new ways... Read More