Bow & Arrows, Fear & Faith, and How the Economy Will Recover

March 25, 2020

The economy is like an arrow in a bow. And it is Fear or Faith that makes it fly. The economy has been strong, but right now, uncertainty is reducing its ability to soar. But will it always be like this? I don’t think so. As we see the real numbers on the virus and the fear stops, we should see a recovery.  Begin to look upward and see where you and your finances are pointed to land.

Certified Financial Planner™, author and radio show host Crystal Langdon has helped thousands to bring financial clarity into their lives. Crystal teaches the “7 Foundational Components of Creating Wealth” to audiences across America. Crystal’s experience and easy to follow practical advice has helped many to take action and create wealth, peace of mind and a secure future for their loved ones.

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