Retirement Ready or Not…Here It Comes!

Retirement is headed your way, but you will be the one to decide if it will be enjoyable…or not!

When planning for retirement many people find themselves lost. Not knowing where to start or what questions to ask, they tend to follow common advice from friends and family, which may not be right for them. Every person’s financial situation is unique and requires a personalized plan. It all starts by asking AND answering the four key questions:

1. What return would you have to earn on your savings and investments for you to retire at your current standard of living?
2. What is the minimum amount of money you need to be putting away each year to enjoy your present lifestyle during retirement?
3. How long will you have to work before you can retire and be able to enjoy your present standard of living until your life expectancy?
4. How much will you have to reduce your present standard of living to make your money last to your life expectancy?

At Crystal Clear Finances we specialize in creating personalized plans that allow you to plan for retirement without sacrificing your current lifestyle. We help you answer the four key questions, so you know the best way for you to plan for retirement.
Join us for our monthly educational events, weekly radio show, or contact our office to schedule a one-on-one consultation, as we provide clarity to help YOU create wealth!