The Three Types Of Spending Behaviors

There are three types of spending behavior: The Spender who is struggling to get out of debt so they can get a fresh start at zero, The saver, who only spends what they saved but empties the account so, in... Read More

Choose Wisdom!

Twitter took 2 years to gain one million users, Facebook 10 months, Spotify 5 months, Instagram 2.5 months, and the newest addition, ChatGPT 1 million users in just 5 days! This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s Financial Gem. The use... Read More

Are Your Investments Aligned With Your Beliefs?

If businesses help shape our communities and our culture, who is responsible for shaping and empowering the businesses? Investors are!  Hi, this is Crystal Langdon with today’s Financial Gem.  Your dollars help create profit for companies that can use resources... Read More

Are You Losing Money?

There are five ways you can lose money unknowingly and unnecessarily! This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s Financial Gem. How you pay for your home, what type of retirement plan you use, determining how college loans work, paying taxes now... Read More

Is your financial plan wobbly?

Stools have three legs and if one breaks, you can get hurt! This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s  Financial Gem! A Financial Plan can have three parts: savings, investments, and protection. Each leg has diversification inside to help provide overall... Read More

Position for 2023

It’s that time of year – The ball has dropped and New Year resolutions have been made! The is Crystal Langdon with Today’s Financial Gem. Unfortunately, the stock market doesn’t make resolutions and it isn’t promising to be good for... Read More

Retire and Stay Retired

Do you want to retire and stay retired?! Retiring isn’t dependent upon an age, its based upon what your cashflow will allow and how long it will last! Knowing what you need, compared to what you will receive from social... Read More

Mortgage Misconceptions

Does the value of your house go up or down if you pay extra? Do your payments going forward change? And can you easily access to that money again? This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s financial Gem. When it comes... Read More

Lego Challenge

Lego issued a challenge – find the most combinations using just 6 – 8 studded bricks! This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s financial Gem! According to the Copenhagen accounting firm, there are 913 million diff Lego combinations you can achieve... Read More

Average Vs. Actual

We’ve been told, don’t worry, after all, everything averages out in the end. But is that actually true? This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s Financial Gem.  Unfortunately, making withdrawals from investments based upon market averages can actually hurt an account... Read More