Kingdom Impact Company

May 16, 2022

Todays Financial  Gem – 60 seconds “clarity to help you create wealth”

What characteristics should a Kingdom Impact Company demonstrate? I can tell you 5 key traits they all should have! This is Crystal Langdon with Today’s Financial Gem!

  1. Faith-Driven Ownership which brings positive impact to employees, vendors, and clients.
  2. Direct Kingdom Impact: Businesses that directly influence the spreading the Gospel.
  3. Indirect Kingdom Impact: Businesses that promote, health, healing, and wholeness of people and our world.
  4. High Return Multiple Strategy: Businesses that have a strategy to deliver a high return multiple.
  5. High potential for a liquidity event: Businesses that have the potential for a liquidity event within the 5-year timeline of the fund.

Kingdom impact… companies can make a difference. And so can you! Call Crystal Clear Finances 518-433-7181 and create impact today



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