Women and Financial Clarity!

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie? The popcorn is freshly popped and buttered, low fat of course! You snuggle into the couch and it starts, but as luck would have it, it’s in French. Although you took that Intro to French class in your freshman year of high school, and you can piece together some words, you’re lost! It makes no sense at all, so confused and frustrated, you change the movie. Finances can be just like that.


Financial gurus regularly spout foreign words causing the financial realm to be written and spoken in their language. Sure, you can piece it together and topics like an IRA or 401k sound familiar, but eventually you get annoyed at the lack of clarity and change the topic. You leave it alone! Letting this “foreign film” play for those who somehow speak the language needed to interpret it.


Although it’s tempting, you can’t just turn the channel and ignore finances. Statistically, women will live longer than men. You will have to deal with finances eventually and your aptitude for conversing in the language of finances will impact your lifestyle and your quality of life.


This apparent need for financial clarity among women is why Crystal Clear Finances has launched a campaign specifically for women! This is an interactive platform for personal and professional development and has been strategically designed to decipher the financial realm specifically for women. Simple, clear communication on how to not only understand the financial realm, but how to create and keep wealth.