The 5 Most Common Financial Personalities

It’s girl’s night out! You picked your favorite restaurant to meet up with all your friends. You all sit down, begin to talk, laugh, and just catch up on each other’s lives. This night was so long over due! The night goes on, the food is great, and everyone is having a great time. Then the check comes. Someone immediately grabs it and start looking over it making sure it is correct, another is asking how it will be split, either evenly or by what you ordered. Finally someone is just asking what her share of the bill is. You can see the different personalities of everyone emerge, specifically their financial personalities.

We have all heard of different personalities and that we react to situations differently, but what are financial personalities? Financial personalities describe the way people respond instinctively to different financial situations. The five financial personalities that are most common are:


  1. Financial Dreamer: This woman is intimidated by money and investing. If this is you, you tend to feel helpless and hope that someone else will help you take care of your financial problems. The traditional “White Knight” syndrome of waiting to be rescued. If in a relationship, you usually defer all financial matters to your partner.
  2. Financial Avoider: This woman feels overwhelmed by all the financial choices available. She doesn’t have a solid understanding of how finances work and is hesitant to move forward in taking the financial steps needed to resolve financial issues. She knows she has made mistakes before and is afraid to try again. She feels stuck… too nervous to move forward financially.
  3. Financial Initiator: This woman is self-assured, empowered and optimistic. She is aware of her goals and typically will know how to achieve them. What is interesting is that this financial personality will be more willing to reach out to a financial professional than the Dreamer or the Avoider. She seeks financial guidance and counsel.
  4. Financial Collaborator: This woman is emotionally healthy. There is no chip on her shoulder or “her against the world”mentality. She is able to see finances in a very collaborative manner and enjoys bringing her family comfort and stability. If married, she tends to be working with a spouse who is sharing in the financial decisions or at least open to discussions. She also works closely with an advisor. Again, these women like the collaboration of discussion and discovery of options that a qualified individual, close friend or spouse brings to the table.
  5. Financial Analyzer: You have a good understanding of your household or business finances. You take initiative to research and investigate investment products and solutions. You enjoy looking for financial opportunities and tracking financial results. Many in this category tend to be comparison shoppers, avid savers, and rarely purchase something they can’t afford. They also tend to work with a financial professional.

Understanding each of these personalities and their characteristics will provide clarity to the reasons why you make the financial decisions you make. We at Crystal Clear Finances believe in the importance of understanding yourself and your natural tendencies. It is key to providing you with the confidence and clarity needed to make financial decisions that will help you create wealth!