Strategies for Savings Workshop

Your local bank is not the only place to save money. Learn how to make your money work as hard as you do.

Traditionally financial advisers, accountants and bankers have told consumers that the safest way to save money for the future was in a savings account. Although traditional savings accounts do offer security and safety from stock market risk, they do not provide savers with the increase needed to face changes in the cost of living.

In fact, improperly positioned savings can actually contribute to creating money loss. Typical savings accounts may have interest rates as low as 1%. This low interest gain contrasts starkly with inflation which typically hovers around 3% but can be much higher as the market fluctuates. Because inflation is higher than the interest, this translates into savings that are declining in purchasing value even though the actual bank account total hasn’t decreased (what used to cost a $1 now costs $1.03, but you only have only gained $.01 in your account).

Planning for the future involves not only the investments but the proper positioning of savings as well. We believe there are strategies that can be used to help grow your savings so it works as hard as you do!


The average American saver could be falling behind by at least 3% every year (and more) and doesnʼt even know it!


How About You?

  • Are you consistently getting the maximum growth
    possible on your hard earned savings?

          Or… are you like many who are slowly falling behind?

  •  Do you have a savings plan that grows tax-free, can be used tax-free,
    and allows you to retire tax-free?

          Or… are you still losing large chunks of your future wealth needlessly to the I.R.S.?

  • Do you have a savings strategy that avoids the direct risk and volatility of the stock market
    YET gives you strong growth and predictable returns without risk and guesswork?

          Or…is your financial future tied directly to the  next unpredictable move
         of the stock market?

  • Does your savings plan allow 100% control to make unlimited tax-free contributions, withdraw as much of your money as you like, whenever you like and for any reason you like, without government penalties and restrictions?

          Or… is your money held hostage in accounts that limit access to your own
         hard-earned money?


 Learn To Take Control of Your Financial Future and Maximize The Growth of Your Savings 


 “Strategies for Savings”


When: Wednesday, May 29th, 6PM to 7PM

Where: 11 Century Hill Dr. Suite 206, Latham, NY 12110

Cost to attend: Free for the first 30 seats only!


Financial advisor, author and radio show host Crystal Langdon has helped thousands to bring financial clarity into their lives. Crystal teaches the “Strategies for Savings” Workshop and other financial strategy workshops to audiences across America. Crystalʼs experience and easy to follow practical advice has helped many to take action and create wealth, peace of mind and a secure future for their loved ones.



 What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

GreenArrowInBoxA savings strategy that can provide financial peace of mind and security for your future.

GreenArrowInBoxHow to create a predictable retirement income that is free from the direct fluctuations of the stock market.

GreenArrowInBoxHow to take advantage of a financial vehicle used by major corporations to previously fund pensions.

GreenArrowInBoxHow to create a super-charged savings account that allows you to make 100% tax-free withdrawals, whenever you like and for any reason you like, without government penalties and restrictions.

GreenArrowInBoxHow this Savings Strategy can grow tax-free, be used tax- free, and allows you to retire tax-free.



How to get back virtually every penny you spend to finance cars, vacations, college educations using uninterrupted compounding interest.

GreenArrowInBoxHow to become your own source of financing and stop paying interest to bank and finance companies.

…and MORE


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