College Planning

When it comes to college planning, are your assets positioned FOR or AGAINST you?

Most people assume that a 529 plan or borrowing from their 401K is the best way to pay for college.

Many don’t realize that if your assets aren’t positioned properly they can actually count against you, limiting the financial aid your student will receive.

The average student takes 5.8 years to finish a 4 year degree. Increasing the cost of college by almost 50%, simply because a lack of guidance!


How About You?

  • Are you positioned to maximize your financial aid?

          Or… are your assets being counted against you?

  •  Are you preparing for both college & retirement?

          Or… are you having to choose between one or the other?

  • Has your child met with the right career advisors ensuring they are on the right path?

          Or…will they be like the average student taking 5.8 years?

  • Are you working with a team of experts who have a proven track record working with colleges, families and truly understand the financial aid process?

          Or… are you planning on going through this process alone?


 Work with a team of professionals to position your assets properly while minimizing the cost of college!


 “College Planning”


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Financial advisor, author and radio show host Crystal Langdon has helped thousands to bring financial clarity into their lives. Crystal teaches the “College Planning” Workshop and other financial strategy workshops to audiences across America. Crystalʼs experience and easy to follow practical advice has helped many to take action and create wealth, peace of mind and a secure future for their loved ones.



 What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

How to position your assets so they aren’t counted against you!

The 12 critical components to college planning.

The options available to you and your family.

How to never pay “retail” for college.

What you and your child need to do and when to do it, to make sure everything is done properly and on time.

How to plan for college without sacrificing your retirement.

 …and MORE



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