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College Planning

When it comes to college planning, are your assets positioned FOR or AGAINST you? Most people assume that a 529 plan or borrowing from their 401K is the best way to pay for college. Many don’t realize that if your... Read More

Establishing Your Financial Freedom

Will you be able to retire with the same standard of living you enjoy now, adjusted for inflation? Traditional retirement plans are now outdated and could fall short of your retirement needs. Company sponsored retirement plans may not be enough... Read More

Social Security Workshop

Are you prepared to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life? WARNING: Don’t Get Stuck With A Social Security Payout That’s Less Than What You’ve Rightfully Earned!  Every year billions of dollars of Social Security benefits sit unclaimed because people weren’t... Read More

Strategies for Savings Workshop

Is your current savings account losing you money and you don’t even realize it? Traditionally financial advisers, accountants and bankers have told consumers that the safest way to save money for the future was in a savings account. Although traditional savings... Read More

Crystal Clear Investing

Are the ups and downs of the market keeping you up at night? Do you find yourself constantly second guessing yourself and your investments every time the market takes a down turn? Without a clear strategy in place, it is... Read More