Retirement Tax Planning Strategies IV

This whole month we have talked about Tax Planning Strategies! Join us in the last episode talking about Roth Conversions and what the benefits are. *Hint hint – the benefits to a Roth Conversion, the withdrawals are tax free! You... Read More

Retirement Tax Planning Strategies part III

Listen today for part III of Retirement Tax Planning Strategies! On this episode Crystal is talking about Roth IRA conversions.  Before she jumps right in she takes a moment to explain the difference between and IRA and a Roth IRA... Read More

Retirement Tax Planning Strategies Part II

Tune in today for Part II of Retirement Tax Planning Strategies! Prevent penalties and bad decisions that can be avoided with proper planning. Learn how life insurance can benefit you… Join us right where we left off last week, changes... Read More

Five Retirement Tax Planning Strategies

Today we focus on Five Retirement Tax Planning Strategies: The Secure Act Roth Conversions Life insurance Charitable Tax Planning  Required Minimum Distributions otherwise known as RMD’s You can have Confidence for every financial decision! Watch us on our YouTube channel  Find... Read More

Taboo Topics

Talking topics that Advisors normally don’t like to talk about! Taboo Topics! Crypto, Accredited Investors, ESG funds that were stripped of their title(s)… You can have Confidence for every financial decision! Watch us on our YouTube channel  Find out more on... Read More

Tax Tips For Each Season

On today’s episode Crystal gives us specific Tax Tips For Each Season. What can you do this year to alleviate taxes for next year? Do you have too many taxes taken from your paycheck? Have you passed the Social Security... Read More

Taxes Part I

On this weeks episode, Taxes Part I, Crystal talks about TAXES! What if we could help you discuss all of the different options available to you! Can you imagine intentionally choosing where to put your money so you actually end... Read More

Discussing IRMAA and The Power of Investing

What is IRMAA? IRMA stands for Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount. When you are doing a Roth Conversion and you are in two years of taking your Medicare payments. The government will look at that and say your income is... Read More

Taxes Part II

In Taxes Part II Crystal talks about how we can intentionally make decisions to pay the least amount of taxes as possible! Last weeks episode talked about 3 account types you can invest in;  taxable accounts, tax deferred accounts, or... Read More