Spender, Saver, Wealth Creator… Where do you fit in?

Spenders tend to borrow at the highest market rates, Savers often borrow from themselves which interrupts compounding interest, but Wealth Creators can borrow at negotiated rates, use their money as collateral, and continue to earn uninterrupted compounding! Learn more Saturday... Read More

Opportunity Cost – What Are You Giving Away?

Opportunity Cost – When you give away a dollar, you not only lose that dollar but everything that dollar could have made for you! How many dollars have you given away?! Join Crystal Langdon of Crystal Clear Finances as she... Read More

Life Insurance Has Life Benefits!

Did you know life insurance can be more than a death benefit? There can be living benefits as well, if structured properly. Some of these benefits can even help with Chronic illnesses while you are alive. Learn more Saturday morning at... Read More

Uninsurable for Long Term Care Insurance?

Are you UNISURABLE for Long Term Health Care? In the past, uninsurable meant there was little you could do besides pray, cross your fingers, and hope you stay healthy, but that doesn’t have to be the case today! There are... Read More

Protecting Your Resources Part 2

The Number One cause of bankruptcy in retirement is medical bills… According to a Genworth study, 7 out of 10 seniors over the age of 65 will need some sort of long-term care support.  Could that be you? If so,... Read More

Protecting Your Resources Part 1

You cannot give what you do not have! Many seniors dream of leaving a legacy for their loved ones. However, if the proper steps are not taken, there may not be any resources left to give! Healthcare risks and the... Read More

Learn the 7 T’s for Proper Transfer of Wealth

Transfer, Treatment, Timing, Title, Tools/ Techniques, and Talking… all are important T’s for the proper transfer of wealth. Join Crystal Langdon of Crystal Clear Finances as she discusses what each component should address and how to successfully pass wealth to... Read More

Who is in Command? You are!

If businesses shape culture, who is responsible for shaping the businesses? Investors are! For example, Investors played a role in the 1994 fall of Apartheid in South Africa! They help dry up the resources being used negatively. According to Adele... Read More

Are You Ready to Grow Financial Savvy?

Over the next 7 years, it is predicted that 70% of wealth may transfer hands… Are you ready? How are you preparing? Join Crystal as she finishes the Series on Wealth Transfer by discussing areas where you can grow your... Read More